Program B: Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME)

ENID and MSME Progress 

  • ENID got the approval on the €100,000 proposal presented the Dutch Embassy to fund some of the OVOP interventions and Entrepreneurship activities.
  • ENID/ El Nidaa has created “The Centre for Accelerated Development” from a group of eminent thinkers and experts. This centre is under the supervision of HE Dr. Hisham El Sherif, minster of Local Development was created to tackle important issues to Egypt such as literacy, SMEs, job creation. 
  • One of Dr. Hisham El Sherif’s plan is to eradicate illiteracy in 3 years so the CAD members prepared a full proposal for illiteracy eradication that gather all the stakeholders: the government, universities, NGOs and Private sector to cooperate together to tackle this important issue.
  • ENID has presented a proposal to the Italian Cooperation to support the Literacy National Campaign in Qena and Luxor with focus of women beneficiaries in the Takaful Program by Moss. The fund will support as well the entrepreneurship activities and skills formation for the women beneficiaries and will support the establishment and operation of preschool classes for the children of these women. ENID is planning to create a Dynamic Knowledge Platform Created for Civil Society and Business Community within the project and to do research on Women, Youth and poverty on the South of Egypt.
  • ENID team has participated in a number of conferences such as the Social Enterprise Week in March, the CSR forum in April and the CSR conference in May 2017 to enlarge its network within the private sector society as well as entrepreneurs community.  
  • The Swedish Ambassador, Charlotta Sparre visited some of ENID OVOP interventions in Qena in April2017. Amb. Charlotta mentioned the huge progress that happened through the past 5 years since the start of the SIDA support to ENID.
  • The UN resident coordinator office have produced a documentary that presented successful human stories from UN projects. One of them was ENID’s beneficiaries, Ms. Mansoura Khairy that showed how getting involved in one of ENID OVOP workshops had a big influence in her life and her family.
  • ENID has participated in several international and local exhibitions in this period such as Foire de Paris in France and Cairo Festival City Exhibition, Bibliotheca Alexandrina Exhibition and Sahel Exhibition in Egypt. Also ENID participated in The Indoor Exhibition in the period from 6 to 8 October to showcase ENID wood furniture products.
  • The Economic Research Forum (ERF) as well as the Abdelatif Jamil Poverty Action Lab (JPal) will conduct evaluation studies for some of ENID activities to measure the impact of ENID’s activities on the livelihood of the beneficiaries and of the village as a whole. 
  • Trainings from ENID’s OVOP intervention have continued for some innovative crafts : 
    1. Camel bone sculpting in Keratia village.  
    2. Oima woodwork, Carpentry, Arabesque and Arquette in El Gamaleia village within the Drosos Project. 
    3. Mother of Pearl training in the new workshop. Beneficiaries of the old workshop are now remunerated by piece. 
    4. Kelim weaving in el Kobeiba Village
    5. New trainer has joined the khayameia workshop and the training started once more
  • ENID/ ElNidaa within its Foundation status:
    • ​Has presented a proposal for Tahia Misr Fund to support the Manufacturing Complex for Women and Youth in Zaheer Sahrawy of the Maana Village in Qena as well as Knowledge Dissemination and Policy Advocacy. This is expected to create a total of 702 jobs in the Manufacturing Complex for Women and Youth. The total number of beneficiaries is expected to reach 4110 young women, men and children.  
    • ENID signed the final contract with Drosos foundation and started the implementation of the project of the wood factory in the Gamaleia Village, Qous District.  
    • Has gotten the preliminary approval for the ILO fund to support the Handicraft activities in the Nubian House and El Markaz EL Hadary in Luxor within its status as a foundation.
    • ENID/ El Nidaa got the final approval and has signed to contract with Banque Misr to support the creation of a Kelim and a Brass workshop in the Zaheer Sahrawy of El Maana village in Qena.
    • ENID/ El Nidaa is in the final phase to get the approval for the USAid fund to support the entrepreneurship training in three of the ENID OVOP workshop that are now self-sustained. The plan is that by the end of the fund ENID/ EL Nidaa can graduate 30 entrepreneurs that can open their private businesses.   
    • ENID/ El Nidaa has organized a Design workshop for wood furniture products for bedrooms, sitting rooms, dining rooms, light fixtures and gifts in September 2017 to produce new wood furniture designs that mix the Arabic and modern taste. 10 young designers from the Applied Arts Department in the German University in Cairo and the faculty of Applied Arts in Helwan University joined the workshop and came out with new innovative designs that are unique and practical.
  • Within the second round of the “Youth Essay Competition” launched by the World Bank and The Economic Research Forum, Dr. Heba Handoussa, ENID’s managing director was chosen to review essays presented by young people about innovative solutions to promote (social) entrepreneurship and tackle social challenges in their communities.
  • ENID is now member in the UN Global Compact network.  Joining the UN Global Compact Network Egypt as a potential partner for sustainable development will give ENID a wider exposure and visibility.


Team Leader:  Dr. Heba Handoussa