Dr. Heba Handoussa interviewed by Nile TV host Shahira Amin

Dr. Heba Handoussa, Managing Director of ENID, was interviewed on August 6th 2014 by Nile TV Host Shahira Amin for a forthcoming appearance on Ms Amin’s Friday TV show. Handoussa discussed ENID’s interventions in Upper Egypt aimed at improving people’s wellbeing and enhancing income generating activities for the segments of Egyptian society most vulnerable to poverty, namely youth and women. The topics discussed throughout the 30 minute interview include the newly implemented subsidy reform program, the role of women in the Egyptian labor market, the various tools to tackle excessive red tape and corruption in the bureaucracy, the need to further promote small and medium enterprise (SME) development in Upper Egypt, and the opportunity for Egypt to significantly expand the Ready Made Garments sector for domestic and international markets. Handoussa stressed the transformative impact of ENID’s SME, agricultural and basic service interventions for the hundreds of beneficiaries taking part in the various activities. The expansion of such interventions will be crucial to promote development where it is needed most, in the South of Egypt.