El Nidaa and UNDP reviewing progress in Qena

UNDP and El Nidaa organized a field visit to Qena from 13th to 15th of August to review El Nidaa’s progress on the ground. The visit’s objective was to introduce UNDP’s new interim Resident Representative in Egypt, Dr. El-Mostafa Benlamlih to UNDP projects in Upper Egypt and especially to focus on the ENID/El Nidaa program. 

The field visit was also attended by Dr. Heba Handoussa, ENID Managing Director, Mr. Heewong Kim, UNDP Programme Specialist and Dr. Heba Wafa, Programme Analyst at UNDP. It included the pottery workshop in Al Mahroussa Village, the literacy classes, sewing workshops, pre-school classes, poultry raising and milk processing workshops in Al Awsl Kamoula village and finally, the French loom workshop in Qena City. 

Following the visit, Dr. Benlamlih expressed confidence in the ENID program to make lasting changes for Qena and Upper Egypt, for the benefit of women, youth and local communities.